Where in the optical world would you like to go? Let our NEW BLOG take you there!

While we don’t actually offer world tours here, we do invite you to be wildly curious about one of your most amazing features – your eyes! Perhaps there are aspects of eye health, vision, or corrective lenses…all things eye related really, that you’ve always wanted to ask more questions about.

We are seriously passionate about eyes and vision over here and love to share our knowledge with all of our patients. We could talk your ear off if you’d let us! Sometimes, though, there isn’t enough time to get through all of the awesome information in your visit. You may have to return to work, or home to your family, or to that big event! Also, it’s a lot of information to take in all at once.

So, let’s say you’ve come in for your eye exam and have learned that your eyes are healthy, you can see very well at distance, but now need a prescription for reading glasses. Or, maybe you’ve come to see us and have found out that there is an eye health concern that needs some focus and attention. Maybe we’ve fit you with a pair of contact lenses to correct your astigmatism. What IS astigmatism, anyway? What is the difference between bifocal lenses and progressive lenses? And what about those Transitions lenses? How can I prevent macular degeneration or other eye diseases? Why did Dr. Lee ask me about what I eat during my eye health exam? Is she a foodie?…

Here at VIDA Eyecare, we really want you to feel confident and enthused about your eye health, eyewear and vision! We are going to be writing about some specific topics that we don’t always get a chance to delve deep into when you’re here for your exam.

My name is Lindsay, and I’m a licensed optician and contact lens fitter. I’ve been doing this for over 5 years now, and I love to geek-out with my patients! I’m super excited that I will be a contributor here and sharing my knowledge with you. As I search for new interesting topics and happenings to write about I will, no doubt, be learning new things myself.

With this blog, we endeavour to take you on an eye-health care journey! So, please… tell us – where would you like us to take you? Let us know your questions or topics of interest by leaving a comment below.

Hope to hear from you!